The Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost-November 11, 2018-10:45 AM

This Week in Worship

Texts:  Isaiah 53:1-12; Psalm 16; Hebrews 9:24-28; Mark 12:38-44

Message:  “The Armistice of God” Rev. Leslie


  • Today, November 11 is Project HOPE Sunday! The following items are needed: Canned Tuna, Spam, etc. or any other non-perishable items are welcomed.  Monetary donations are also accepted; please make checks payable to Project HOPE Food Bank, and give to our HOPE Representative.

  • PW Thank Offering Service is next Sunday, November 18.  Service will be led by Mrs. Miriam Gwin.  

  • The deadline to submit information for the December 2018 newsletter is next Sunday, November 18.  The December 2018 newsletter will be passed out on Sunday, November 25.

  • Community Bible Study by Pastor Nathan and Rev. John Lersch will gather 9:30 am on Monday, November 19 at MoCo House. 

  • This year our church is taking part in the Christmas Sponsorship Program with the Giving Hands Foundation, organized by Felicia and Jacob Ramirez (they joined us at the beginning of October).  There is information on the bulletin board for the gifts and papers in the narthex for you to take. There are also gallon-sized bags for your use, since all gifts must fit inside the bag.  Please return your gift by November 25 and place in the box-we will deliver so that the gifts can be sent to the Dominican Republic.  If you are interested in learning more about the Giving Hands Foundation, there are brochures in the narthex as well!

  • 4G Bible Study will meet on Monday, November 26, 6:30 pm.

  • Presbytery will meet on Tuesday, November 27, 6:30 pm at Sheakleyville Presbyterian Church.    

  • Holy Communion will be celebrated the First Sunday of Advent, December 2.

  • The Church Offices will be closed Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25 in Celebration Of Thanksgiving!

Gavin Palkovich

Special Offering

  • We will be collecting a special offering for Gavin Palkovich, a 6 year old little boy (Great Grandson of Charlotte Palkovich, Grandson of JoAnn Palkovich) who has also attended worship here over the past few years.  Gavin suffered a sudden seizure followed by a cardiac arrest.  The underlying cause still remains undiagnosed as he continues his care at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  The family has incurred extensive medical bills from the life flight and the extended hospital stay.  Gavin and his family have a long road to recovery ahead of them with continued therapy and will need to purchase specialized equipment to care for Gavin.  Please consider making a contribution to help using the blank white envelopes in your pews and mark them “Gavin Palkovich.”  If you write a check make it payable to Bessemer Presbyterian Church and mark on the memo line G. Palkovich.  We will be receiving the offering through Sunday, November 25. 

    Local Happenings

  • MoCo House Seminar.  “Exploring Christian Faith in Today’s Culture” is a seminar led by retired Pastor Patti Harbison, designed for all who desire to deepen their day-to-day spiritual lives and strengthen their connection with God. Take advantage of this opportunity to invite unchurched friends and inactive church members to this comfortable and informal setting. Tomorrow evening, November 12 from 7-8 pm.  

  • Mohawk Area Church Association’s Thanksgiving Service will be held next Sunday, November 18, 7 pm at Westfield Church. 

  • Anyone wishing to sing in the community choir for the MACA Thanksgiving Service should arrive at  6 pm at Westfield for a brief rehearsal prior to the service.  Music will be provided.  Wear white top and  black bottom.

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