ELijiah's red Wagon day

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Elijiah’s Red Wagon Clean-Up Day started out with 7-year-old Elijiah and his dad Jeremy, who took a challenge from their church to “Love Thy Neighbor” by doing acts of service in the name of Jesus.  With Elijiah’s red wagon, some shovels, brooms and trash bags, the father-son duo took the streets of Bessemer and started cleaning up the sidewalks and picking up trash around town.  They hoped to cover the entire town, which was a formidable task.  

People started to notice:  in particular, two local pastors and borough council-members, Nathan Leslie and Kevin McConnell.   Through their congregations, coupled with the support of Jeremy’s own church, Victory Christian Center, and the the borough council, the Lord soon worked to bring about a town-wide project of showing love to our neighbors, and in turn our whole community.  

We will meet (and park) at Bessemer Presbyterian Church’s parking lot (29 N. Main St.) on Saturday, September 1st at 8 a.m.  At that point, work duties will be assigned, and we will begin our day with prayer.  We hope to spread out across town, picking up trash, cleaning sidewalks of debris, spreading mulch, trimming, and removing weeds in the local parks and public areas, and other assorted tasks around town.  We will work until 1 p.m., but you can come and go as you need.  A free lunch will also be provided for volunteers. 

Also, workers are asked, if possible, to bring equipment for doing the work they'd like to help with:  trash bags, work gloves, yard trimmers, shovels, wheel barrows, etc. (Paint and brushes will be provided for whatever painting is to be completed).

Please click here sign up here by August 31, 2018 so we know how many to expect for lunch.  

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