Who is Jesus Christ?  What does it mean to follow Him?

How do I become a Member of BPC?

What Sacraments Do You Celebrate?  

Do You Offer Pastoral Care?  What about Weddings and Funerals? 

  • Pastoral Care, Home Communion and Anointing for the Sick and Shut-in (**Coming Soon**)
  • Weddings at BPC
  • Funerals at BPC (**Coming Soon**)

Can I Listen to Sermons Online?

How Can I Make a Financial Contribution to the Church? 

What Devotional Materials Do You Recommend?

What About Your Denominational Connections?  What Resources Can You Provide?

Additional Presbyterian Church (USA) Resources:

  • Book of Confessions (Constitution, Part I) - the confessional documents of our church
  • Book of Order (Constitution, Part II) - the polity by which our church is governed.
  • Book of Common Worship - the prayerbook of the Presbyterian Church (USA), centered around the "Directory of Worship from the Book of Order.  This forms the basis of our own worship service at Bessemer Presbyterian.
  • Book of Occasional Services - These liturgies are for special services in the life of the church, written as an addition to the Book of Common Worship.
  • Companion to the Book of Worship - As the name indicates, this companion helps to understand the reasoning and meaning behind services found in the Book of Common Worship.